Monday, March 3, 2014

If you see me running...

1. ...then I'm probably being chased.
2. ...then I'm probably extremely late for something.
3. ...then I'm probably chasing my son before he finds away to hurt himself.
4. ...then I'm probably running because there's an emergency.

Or... because I agreed to coach Girls On the Run at the school I work at--after not running since I was 19.

In the past I've run for the following reasons:

1. I was trying to be part of my family. My dad is an avid runner and he would go on family runs with my siblings and step mom all the time.
2. The gym teacher or coach of a sport I was in was making me do it.
3. I was trying to impress a boy I was dating when I was about 17. He was older and in very great shape. I couldn't understand why he liked me--so, I tried to make myself someone he'd never leave. Someone who ran. Of course, after a year of being together, I found out he had many someones on the side.
4. My dad was pressuring me to lose weight. Which was all my life.

The first time Idiot and I ran on the beach, I couldn't believe it when he said we had ran two miles without stopping. Then when he asked if I wanted to run back on the sand... I politely declined. I was going to die. I wanted to dive into the water and never come out. About the same time Idiot broke up with me, I was also on two cheerleading teams with a bunch of skinny girls. Extremely heartbroken and lost, feeling the pressure of my dad wanting me skinnier, I started jogging. Only on a treadmill since I couldn't for the life of me pace myself outside. When running wasn't getting the results I wanted, I started under eating and over excercising. All of this, of course, led to an eating disorder. I ran all throughout the rest of my high school career until I broke my ankle at a cheerleading nationals my first year of college. When I couldn't run anymore, my eating disorder got worse. Diet pills entered to scene. I was convinced boys only liked me for my looks and that was all I had to offer. It wasn't until I almost died in Arizona when I was 23, that I snapped out of it. Luckily, I had gained friends in Arizona who truly cared about my well-being and worked with me at 24 Hour Fitness. I started exercising and eating healthy--amazingly losing weight with out the risk to my health.

When I moved back to Colorado, and met Fiance. I got off the gluten free diet I was on and gained some weight back. Then I got pregnant with Peanut and gained a lot more weight. No one really knows how much that bothered me--being a recovered annorexic/bulemic. I did my best to not relapse. I had to stay healthy for my son. He was my reason. I've lost about 45 lbs since he was born--without exercise or diet. Just by being a working mom. I mean, for a while Fiance and I were on the "Po' diet"--which is the diet you are too poor to eat out. This helped a lot. No fast food is a big key. I did jog a few times with Peanut in his jogger and we went on a lot of walks. Nothing that I thought made a huge difference.  Running hurts my shins, my lungs, and my whole body. So, why, oh why, did I decide it was an AMAZING idea to be a GOTR coach this season? It was because of the message it teaches all girls starting in 3rd grade--to love yourself. You do not have to be an athlete to join. You just have to show up and keep moving. If I had had a program like this when I was that young... maybe I wouldn't have made many of the oh so not good decisions that I did. Then again, if I hadn't, I probably wouldn't have Fiance or Peanut with me. It's worth it for me in the end. My motivation is those girls. I never want them growing up how I did or feeling how I did.

I would lie if I said today wasn't rough. I forgot my running clothes, a hair tie, a water bottle, my shoes are way overdue for a replacement, and I haven't truly ran in 7 years. There is this fifth grader who has grown attached to me as a para and when we were running together today, she told me her goal was to be the first finisher at the 5k and to lose weight. She also told me how she wanted me to be her running partner at the race. I told her my goal was just to finish and losing weight wouldn't be awful. I told her we'd work together towards our goals. She and all girls like her are the reason you will see me running.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lynda Walks on the Tundra, Gets Chased by a Bear and Crashes into a Canyon Wall

In my first few weeks after I got this promotion, I rarely got a day off where I did not get called in to work. So, in protest, I decided on a Thursday that I will make myself unreachable on my day off. Dad had suggested we go to Rocky Mountain National Park (He gets in free for being a "senior." First off, no on believes my dad is in his 60's because he is a retired marine pilot who has taken great care of him self. To this day he runs 10Ks for funsies.).  Dad also suggested that I ask Bestie (nick name for my best friend) to come along... which I would have done anyways because we are inseparable when I have any time off. The day before my day off, as I am leaving the gym, I inform my Service Manager that I will be somewhere without cell phone coverage on my day off.

"So, if anything goes wrong tomorrow..." I start.

"They'll be calling me," he finishes. What a smart boss!

That night after the hour-long drive home, Bestie brought over the movie, "Tangled," which is about Rapunzel, for those of you who live under a rock. Then we ended up checking the mail in the rain while we were both in our pajamas. Bestie, at this point, high on Disney happy endings, decides we should dance and jump in all the rain puddles. I, of course, with no good judgment of my own to be had, decided this was the most amazing idea ever! A few body-drenching splashes later and we thought it was best we go inside before my cough comes back. That was just what work needed! We also wanted to go to bed so we could wake up early to go hiking in the morning. The one problem that I saw with this scenario was that Dad was not getting home until the middle of the night from his trip to Shasta Mountain for his most recent 10k. I foresaw that we would probably get a later start than Bestie would have liked.

the big cajones chipmunk
Bestie looking at the view while eating.
I ended up waking up around 9 to frantic texts from Bestie asking when we were leaving. After breakfast, a shower, and trying to get my dad out of the house, we started on the road between 11-12. Bestie kept grumbling about our late start and the rain clouds over the mountains. Being apart of my family, I learned to roll with it and just wished she would too. She eventually did about the time dad suggested stop at Safeway in Estes to get sandwiches made. According to my dad, they were better than Quisnoes or Subway. Bestie and I chose to split a chicken melted mozzarella sandwich but we didn't get to eat it until we had gotten into the Park. By this time the bread had gotten soggy, dressing leaking everywhere inevitably on my jeans. I ended up taking apart the sandwich and just eating the chicken. The squirrels, I mean Chipmunks, ate the rest of my lunch no problem. I mean they had so many cojones that they were taking chips (Fritos) out of my hand left and right! I mean take my soggy bread but leave the Fritos out of it!

My feet on the tundra in June.

It's another squirrel! I mean marmott!
After almost vomiting in the car from all the windy roads, we arrived at our first site-seeing trail and it was covered in snow! I was so excited because I had been stuck in Arizona the last year and hadn't seen snow in almost as long. Have you experienced a winter without snow after living your whole life in a snow-filled state? Its an experience to freak out the senses. When you start wearing a hooded sweatshirt in 70-degree weather, you'll know hell froze over. Bestie and I skipped, slid, danced, and made snow balls out of it. Then we saw the coolest animal ever. It was kind of like a hedge hog mated with a squirrel and a mini-bear. It was called a Marmot. He got mad at me because I called him a chipmunk. When we tried to get a closer picture, this fat, old, crazy lady started yelling at us to, "GET OFF THE TUNDRA!" Uhm, I guess I missed her National Park Ranger badge, so of course I climbed all over the tundra! (She had mistaken the grass-covered ground for an entire ecosystem.)

Hanging off the edge of the world.
After some more slip'n'slide fun on the snowy trail, we all piled back in the car and continued to drive up Trail Ridge Road. At the top there was this quaint, huge gift shoppe for touristy like folks. Luckily for them, I always buy into stuff like that. You know, because I'm awesome with a side of cheese. Bestie and I were going to get matching hooded sweatshirts, but decided they were too expensive. Then we saw some awesome pajamas, but they were too expensive too. So, like the tourist that I am, I ended up buying, "Sunshine Seeds," which were chocolate covered, multi-colored, sunflower seeds. Then I bought strawberry-rhubarb jam and huckleberry gummy bears. When it looked like all I was buying were edible souvenirs, guaranteed to be gone by the time we got home, we saw matching friendship bracelets/anklets to commemorate our trip by.

My view from the top of the waterfall.
On our way down the mountain, Dad was getting sleepy (of course, because there was no Starbucks to be found!), and we switched places driving. Since I was driving, I went by the rule of who drives gets to torture the other ones with his/her tunes. I took it easy on Dad and chose Alice 105.9 which is basically popular music without the aweful dance remixes (you know the ones of slow heart break songs that should stay slow and somber) or the rap. On a side note, there is this one talk show I love, called Slacker and Steve, that is on Monday-Friday in the afternoons starting at 3 P.M. Mountain time. Now, as fun as it was to make my father listen to Pink's "Perfect," I was begging to get off the road--because I am petrified to drive on mountainous, cavernous roads in wet weather. This was because I had a horrible experience driving to Paonia, CO in the rain with bald tires at night. White knuckling it for five hours and imagining all the ways you can die will make you scared of anything. This is why I was glad when dad suggested we visit the sight of an alluvial fan that had flooded a campsite years ago and oh my was the river still raging.

Bestie yelling at the top.
It was still raining but not very hard. Bestie and I decided it was a fantastic idea to climb the rocks that hugged the waterfall. At the same time, my dad was yelling at us to be careful. It was beautiful because it was powerful. I'm kind of a dare devil at times. So standing on top of that waterfall, knowing I could slip off the rain-slicked rocks and into the roaring white waters, made me feel an adrenaline rush. My dad's loud concerned voice called me back from my thoughts and we decided to take a safer route down the hill through the woods. Dad had gotten ahead of us, so, Bestie and I were picking flowers as we took our time down. I felt very like Little Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks... ironically because of what followed. All of the sudden I heard dad's voice yelling for us. I thought he was asking where we were. NO. "Not where! BEAR!" he screamed. I panicked and Bestie yelled, "It's behind us just run!" I've never scampered through the woods so fast in my life. Of course I got tiny scrapes from branches and such but my mind was on getting to the car only.

Once back on the road, my dad decided to take over driving once again. Bestie and I sat in the back together so that we could share my headphones. It was still raining pretty hard, but I had never been in an accident with my father so, I wasn't worried. We were comming down a hill that had a bend--one side was the cavern wall, the other was a very deep drop to the river below. All of the sudden, Dad was having trouble slowing down and we started to hydroplane. My dad had two options: risk going off the cliff and dying in the river below, or, slam us into the canyon wall to stop the slide. Obviously, there was only one safe answer. BASH INTO THE WALL! I think  I screamed... the car slammed on the drivers side and before impact I grabbed on to Bestie so that we were shielded from the window smashing (which, thankfully, it didn't). For what we did, the damage was very minimal. The car rim was smashed into the tire, but my father and an on looker smashed that back into the place with a giant rock. We were even able to drive home without further incident. And people wonder why I hate to drive in the rain...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

PMS: Please More Sass!

Ok, ladies, I'm about to give you a gold mine of advice. Although we are all adults, there is one subject in which men act like children when mentioned. That subject is, of course, the infamous, "time of the month", "Aunt Flow," "Mother Nature's Monthly Gift," "the Cycle," "The Curse"... etc. You can tell if you are in the presence of this man child when you hear, "ew," or some other form of utterance shortly after mentioning any feminine hygiene products or its your "time of the month." This makes you uncomfortable to mention when you are feeling crampy, bloated, and lethargic. Even when you are trying to be helpful and just trying to warn the world of your current state of PMS.

Here are some men in your life you may not want to mention your "curse" to:

1. Your Father (He is strong when it comes to lifting things but gets uncomfortable easily.)
2. Your superior/boss/coworker (TMI in the work place)
3. Your brother. (Honestly, he finds any bodily function of yours gross.)
4. Your guy friend that you are more than slightly attracted to. (You don't want him to lose the illusion that you're perfect.)
5. A new boyfriend. (If you're not comfortable to poo or fart in the same building then you should keep all other bodily functions to yourself too.)
6. A new relationship that has finally moved to the bedroom area. (You want him to only fantasize about you.)

When I took Gender Psychology in college, (Which, when my dad bought the books for me, including a memoir for a female to male transgender, nearly fainted.) we went over a whole chapter on whether PMS symptoms were real or faked. Here is what I say to that. When I am not on any type of birth control, my cramps feel like someone has grabbed my innards, squeezed as hard as they could and twisting at the same time. That may cause me to be a little more sassy than usual. Even poor Neighbor Boy notices. "Why are you so sensitive lately... oh yeah THATS why." He knows to not, "push my buttons," so to speak. I don't necessarily yell at him, but I do get upset at certain comments. Such as... "You're no fun," like when he wants to tickle me and my insides are twisting, or when he tells me my choice of movie or music is "stupid." I pretty much take offense to really inane things. Hormones are simply in charge of my body at certain times of the months. No ifs ands or buts.

One thing that really makes me want to punch you in the face, if you're idiotic enough to say to me, is, "I don't trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die." Hey idiot! We store all that extra blood, tissue, and mucous (yes ew gross... etc) to support a potential new life all month. It's not like the blood from our veins where we would actually die, yes, just like you, if we bled too much of. You know what I don't trust? Something that can't control the actions of one of it's, "limbs." Something that lets it's, "other brain," think for them. Something that refers to an act of infidelity as an, "accident," "I didn't mean to... " What did you do?? Fall into her then get back up and do it again? Did you trip? Have momentary amnesia? Forget who you were in a relationship with? Mistake me for a tall blonde? Go blind? Thought we broke up? Thought we had an understanding of an "open relationship"? Yeah you can answer those questions, then I can explain how I survive while bleeding for more than a day. (And No, Neighbor Boy hasn't ever done this to me. I've saved this rant up for years so that I use my PMS aggression on writing instead of on him for no reason.) And for all you fool girls who fall for those lines. You're stupid. Maybe stupid in love. But, "Stupid is as Stupid does," according to Forest Gump.

Song of the day: "Early Christmas Present" by Kate Nash

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Choosing Happiness over Loneliness

Signs that your relationship is either coming to an end or in trouble:

 1) Your significant other refuses to let you see their phone, or has their phone on lock down.

2) They never introduce you to any of their friends or family.

3) They refuse to accept you as "friends" on social networking sites such as Facebook.

4) They only invite you over for private sleep overs.

5) They avoid all terms of endearment or admitting they care about you above attraction.

6) They refuse to put a label on what you two have.

7) You never fight.

8) Oh and anytime they say in some way that your relationship has to be a secret. Run. 

I experienced all these and other signs from Boy in the final weeks. Don't get me wrong, Boy used to spoil me when it came to taking me out and before I ruined things by moving to Arizona due to THE EX, I think he really cared about me. He even flew out to AZ to see me for my birthday. Yet, when I moved back to CO, he had almost done a 180 to the emotionally unavailable guy that I had met when I was 19. He started playing games like saying he had plans or might have plans with his guy friends then later saying they fell through. I started not waiting around for him and started making plans with my friends when he'd "be busy." When he'd magically not have plans, he'd get upset that I wasn't willing to break mine to hang out with him. He also started referring to me as "the other woman." His jokes became so constant that I couldn't tell if they were jokes or veiled truth with sarcasm. He'd say things like, "Don't leave your stuff here or my girlfriend will find out." Then  he got a jeep because, "It was unmanly to pick up chicks with the bug." Or something like that.

  So, when Boy made a disappearing act after I had tried involving him with my family & friends. I gave up. I was 23, and although still young, had no time for game playing. This and so much more were reasons why I, on an August night, when I heard a knock on the door, invited Neighbor Boy in to my apartment. I remember that first night so vividly because it was a night that changed my life. I was putting away laundry and watching Gabriel Iglesias (by the way this is the most amazing comedian and you should watch him right now) on my lap top. He was perfectly content to watch it and wait for me to be done putting my laundry away. Then he asked me if I wanted to see a movie. That was when I made the decision, after not hearing from Boy for a week or so, to forget him. We went to the Movie Tavern but, the next movie didn't start for a while, so we decided to eat our meal first and have a drink. We then decided to play a first shooter in the arcade and I kicked booty. He was impressed. Honestly, I don't even remember what the movie was. Its not an important fact. It was an amazing first date even though at the time I didn't know that's where we were heading.
How could you say no?

Over the next few weeks, we went on other dates; such as, the Aquarium, Casa Bonita, a barbeque joint... etc. He would send me texts every day that said things like, "Roses are red, violets are blue, why are you such a sweet heart?" (I know he wasn't the rhymer but still cute). After one of our dates, he got down on his knees, and basically proposed to me (to date me). He said something along the lines of him taking care of me, treating me like the princess that I am, and that he'd try to never make a me cry (which is not avoidable if you're in real relationship). This moment was the moment that changed my life. The moment I chose happiness over loneliness. Honestly, I would go every painful moment in my life again as long as it brought me back to that moment.

Hawt couple!
 I think it was sometime in late August, early September, after my birthday, when Boy texted me explaining that his phone had broke or something to that effect. Here is my problem with this: he had a few other ways to contact me, if he so chose. We were friends on Gmail chat where we have talked before and he would be active on while at work. He had my email address. Oh and he had my friend request on facebook that he never approved (to this day). I call Bull SH**! I made up some excuse that I was babysitting and couldn't hang out. I mean, he didn't even say hi to me on my birthday. Neighbor Boy was determined to see/talk to me on my birthday and it had been less than a month of knowing eachother. (Yes, I'm one of those who love holidays.) I think Boy asked me out one more time that I didn't respond to. We haven't talked since. Not once. I thank God for the day I met Neighbor Boy.

Song of the day: "My girl's Ex boy-friend" by Relient K

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flat tires, Meet cutes, and Missed texts

It's been approximately one year, ten months and two weeks since my last post. A great deal with this lapsed time has to do with not having a secure internet connection, a good deal to do with too much to do and too little time on my hands, and a little to do with an argument that I had with my older sister having to do with my blogging and the effects of my poisoned pen so to speak. Every time I would start a new blog entry, my mind would be plagued with the questions, "Who will read this?," and, "Who will take this the wrong way?" I know now that I can still write without A) getting myself in trouble with those I care about, and B) caring about who reads this. A lot has happened since my last post--break ups, new love, new apartments, fights, new friends, proposals, and a new baby-- but, I am getting ahead of myself. Let me take you back to the beginning...

About the time that I wrote my last post, I had gotten a flat tire on the way home from work. I hadn't realized the fact until I was half way home and by the time I got home my tire was DOA (as a nice gentleman at Discount Tire would later tell me). I kind of panicked because every time that I had been in this situation, I had some type of road side assistance i.e. AAA or Progressive, but I had just switched to Geico and had opted out of their road side because of the expense. Doh! After literally having a Homer Simpson moment and smacking myself in the head, I called my sister-in-law, you might know her better as Lobotomy Please. Although I had never changed a tire in my life, she was trained to by her father and she proceeded for the next half hour to talk me through it over the phone. Only a couple hiccups such as forgetting to tell me to unscrew the lug nuts before raising the car. Right as I had just finished lowering the car and re-tightening the lug nuts, a very tall guy walks up to me and asks me if I need help. Then my sister yells on the phone, "Where was he 30 minutes ago?!" He introduces himself and claims that he just got home from work (which I would later figure out was not quite the whole truth) and as I get off the phone he suggests that he re-does my work. All the time he's working on my car he's talking about how he's recently separated  and that his ex-wife is keeping his son from him and I'm thinking, "He's either hitting on me, a really nice guy, or going to kill me" When he offers me a ride because, "He doesn't trust spare tires," I go with my survival instincts and tell him I can handle myself.

Fast forward a few days, after I had bragged about my ability to change a tire, Boy and I were about ready to go out to eat when there came a knock on my door. Boy looked at me like, "Who are you expecting?" and all I could do was shrug. When the door opened, it was my would-be rescuer. He had come to invite me to a concert and to take credit for the tire-changing rescue. I politely said maybe and then he left. Boy proceeded to puff up like a testosterone-threatened peacock and asked if I was, "checking out on him." I told him no and to calm down. On the way to dinner, I asked him if he'd like to go to Steamboat with my older siblings and I for some birthday celebrating for myself (My sister in law's idea so that he could meet the siblings w/o the pressure of meething the whole family and still have some grown up fun). He started acting all uncomfortable (meeting family for the first time), so I changed the subject. That night would be the last I'd see of Boy. He had a tendency to be available when I wasn't and wanting to be with me until it showed an inkling of getting remotely serious. Que the disappearing act. (5 years of experience on and off) I would send him random texts at random intervals because I knew he didn't like to be "clinged to." The texts would go unreturned for the next few weeks (with no explanation)--which would be plenty of time for Neighbor Boy to sweep me off my feet. The meet cute I had encountered with him would be the beginning of something that I had only heard and read about but that story is to be continued on another day.

Song of the day: "Never ever ever getting back together" by Taylor Swift

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Soul Mates Never Die"

Pet peeves. Everyone has them. One of my biggest ones is when people use a few choice words incorrectly.

1) The first word is nauseous. When someone says, "I'm nauseous." What they are saying is, "I make other people sick." The correct form of the word, nausea, is to say, "I feel nauseated."

2) The next word that makes my brain feel like nails on a chalk board is karma. Now, I know it is mostly because a lot of people are not familiar with Hinduism, and only mimic what they hear. That does not excuse the fact that people are mistaking karma with dharma and The Golden Rule. If you don't know what The Golden Rule is, then you probably have A) Never been to church, B) Haven't had lessons in morality, or C) Are just a very bad person. The Golden Rule states, "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You." BASICALLY, don't be a jerk if you don't want other people to be a jerk to you. Dharma is someone's essential character and conforming to who that character is supposed to be; whereas, karma is what you accrue when you do or don't follow your dharma. For example, if your dharma in this life were to be a teacher but you wanted to go out for being a singer instead, then you would accrue bad karma for not following your dharma. Comprende? So, then in your next life, for getting bad karma, your dharma would be to be something less than a teacher and you would be one step lower on the ladder from enlightenment. Now that I have explained it all, please don't mix it up any more or I might have to kick you in the shins.

3) The next word isn't so much a word, as an idea. It's the idea of soul mates. Now, I don't necessarily believe that anyone's belief of this word is wrong, but I refuse to believe that there is just one soul mate out there for me. Especially if that soul mate has, died, married the wrong person or screwed up so badly we are destined to be on star crossed paths for the rest of this life. Does that mean that I'm never allowed to experience that kind of happiness for a simple twist of fate? I can't believe that. So, when I asked around, I got varying ideas on the concept, none of which I consider wrong. It's like asking someone what they believe about God. These are answers in which no one can be sure of because none of us have the same manual entitled, "All the answers to the hard questions."

When I asked my best friend, she told me that she doesn't believe that soul mates are pre-destined, but that when you meet someone whom you want to be with forever, then you make them your soul mates. I asked my cousin, and she said that she doesn't believe in them straight out. I don't think that this is wrong either. She is a lot more logical than I. I still watch Disney Princess movies for crying out loud and think, "Yeah, I'm almost 24, but that can still happen to me." I learned from someone whom I believe to be one of my soul mates, that you have more than one out there. You have soul mates for friends, family, and loves of your life. I used to be of the school that there was only one out there, but that just cannot be. My belief in soul mates correlates to my belief about fate. Fate shows you multiple doors to go through and you choose which one. I don't believe that fate has all your life destined and mapped out for you. That belief would erase all existence of free will. We can't get rid of that either. I could be wrong about all my beliefs in this department, but as someone who was once very close to me said constantly, "Who knows?"

Song of the Day: "Star Crossed" by Scary Kids Scaring Kids/"Sleeping with Ghosts" by Placebo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Sheriff Murdered Someone in my Apartment

When I tell someone I pay 660 for a 1 bed 1 bath apartment in Aurora, CO, people get appalled. Then they tell me how you can get one for 500 down the street. So I start asking them important questions about these miraculously cheap apartments:

1. Do they have a balcony? No, you have to pay extra.
2. Do they have a dishwasher? I don't know.
3. Do they have a walk in closet? No
4. Do they have a full size washer and dryer in unit at no extra cost? ... no
5. Do they have a wood-burning fire place? NO! Why would anyone need that?
6. Do they have vaulted ceilings? No, what are those? Oh, it's when the ceiling goes up with the roof to give the illusion of more space. Doesn't seem that important... SHUT UP!
7. Do police patrol 12 x at night on a regular schedule to make sure you're safe even though you're right across the street from Buckley Air Base? No, actually there are a lot of sketchy people and no security.

And THAT is why they are 160 dollars less than mine. My new apartment is AMAZING you guys! Of course the journey to this fictionally-great apartment was the adventure. Although my best friend told me she was going to spend the whole weekend helping me un-pack, she ended up making a date with some random, Mormon boy the night of my big move. I have never been angry with this girl in our seven-year friendship. NEVER. Therefore, I did not know how to vocalize said emotions. Never the less, that did not alter our time restriction of 5 p.m. so that Skye could drive home in time to get pretty for her date.

Skye and I ended up leaving the house at 10 a.m. and he said he'd meet us in Evergreen around noon. We started our drive off with a stop at McDonalds (gasp! the horror of fast food!) for McGriddle sandwhiches and orange juice. We couldn't remember how late they served breakfast and the 27 minutes it took to get to the one off of I-25 and Longmont exit, we argued over whether it was 10 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. As soon as we drove up and we got to the drive-through, the breakfast menu was still up! We finished ordering at 10:27 a.m., just as the lady with the stern look on her face, because she has all the power, flipped the sign to the lunch specials. Apparently, we were both wrong about the time. So, in case you are either A) in a crunch for time, B) having an inkling to kill your insides, or C) craving their AMAZING orange juice (Seriously, why is it so good?), remember that McDonalds stops serving breakfast at 10:27 a.m.

Now, I love Skye, but her driving scares the living day lights out of me. Why? It is mostly a personal problem because of an accident I had gotten in a few years ago which I may post about in the future. The fact that she speeds and follows too close doesn't help my anxiety of letting other people drive. Just saying. So, while Skye was serenading, "Jars of Hearts," by Christina Perri to me while I was eating  my McGriddle, we had two near collisions. In her defense, it was because two idiots decided on a whim that they wanted to be in our lane whether we knew it or not. Ok, side rant: if you are one of those people who either A) signal as you're merging/turning, B) Signal for 1 second before you merge/turn or C) Signal after you have merged/turn, what the deuce are you thinking? Your turn signal is to alert others of your intentions before you do them! Use it correctly, because if I rear end you, I won't be sorry. It's your fault that you're an idiot.

Skye and I eventually got to Evergreen in one piece and started sorting my belongings into trash, keep and donate. If it had been up to me a year ago, I would have kept everything, but that is the part of me that is a hoarder like my mother. Skye would agree I have gotten much better about getting rid of stuff. We decided to throw away a couple broken/warped shelving units and we were donating two extra televisions (I used to think I needed a TV for every room, but I no longer have cable and they weren't HD so what did I need them for?), an extra microwave, two lamps that were missing shades and my drum set (because I have moved 8 times in a few years and not in a band of any sort). Skye promised me she would come over Monday and make me go through my other belongings to get rid of more stuff. Insert dread here.

Dad eventually showed up so that we could get the moving van and we (Skye and I) eventually got the truck finished packed by 3:30 p.m. (notice the lapse in account for how long it took dad to get there). Dad was showing around the mysterious renter-lady while Skye and I packed up the truck. She used her tetris skills to arrange the boxes and I used my athletic skills to load the boxes. We were the best moving team ever! We were contemplating at this point to become, "Two Guys and  Moving Van"'s competition by being, "Two Girls Who Move You with Style (By the way we can't lift any furniture. So, you'll probably have to call the other guys for that)." We were going to be rich! Then, after our fantasy 2nd life as mover women in a man's moving world, Dad says the most amazing thing ever, "As far as I'm concerned, anything inside the house is fair game." I ended up confiscating a cat tree and a gorgeous shower curtain complete w/ liner and metal shower hooks (fancy!).

We barely got to the leasing office before it closed (in Carver Style) to sign the lease and get my apartment keys. Skye dumped the keys on the desk and gasped, “That's a lot of keys.”

“Oh, I have to go over the keys with you.” The lease lady said while I was getting a hand cramp from signing my name and initials a billion times on never-ending pages. There were two house keys, two mail keys, one pool key, one gym key, and one pool bathroom key. Then my dad came and butted in, "Do you have security guards?"

"No... but we do have police patrol at night." The poor office lady replied.

"How many times? Is it on a set schedule or random?" My dad used to be a marine and I'm the baby in the family... not to mention the favorite. It really wasn't hard to be the favorite. All I had to do was not become an alcoholic, get arrested, or have temper tantrums like I was five-years-old.

"It's on a set schedule. Twelve times throughout the night. Actually, your daughter has a sheriff living in the building next door." The keys were the least of our worry though once we got up to the third floor (yes, the third floor=predict moving disaster) to see my apartment. The carpets were completely spotted... it was like a dalmatian threw up on it. 

Skye convinced me to take pictures for evidence incase of some crazy person decided charge me for damage I didn't do. Shortly after wards, Skye had to leave to go get pretty for her date. Then my friend Amelia called me to tell me that even though she had promised to help me move, that she was guilt-tripped into babysitting for her sister. That meant that my 65-year-old father and I were stuck moving a 16-foot-truck load of stuff up to a third-floor apartment by ourselves. Don't get me wrong, my father is in amazing shape for his age and no one believes me that he is in his sixties. He just ran a 10-k in California and made 2nd place in his age group. He kind of looks like the hulk before he gets so angry that he turns green. 

Well, as I was walking down the stairs for the fifth time, I looked down and gasped!  There seemed to be a trail of some weird dark substance on the floor in the hallway. So naturally I decided to follow it. It led around the corner towards the stairs. What could this substance be? In my mind I came up with a few possibilities.

These possibilities included but were not limited to: grease, oil, chocolate, coffee, and blood. I decided on blood. I came downstairs and outside to find my dad sweating from the heat. "Do you want me to get us some Gatorade from the 7-11 across the street?"
"That would be great sweetie, Thank you." I raced across the street and surveyed their selection of cold beverages. I ended up getting 4 different 36 oz bottles of Gatorade, a liter of Smart Water, and a chocolate Muscle Milk. I'll admit it, I did have a little bit of trouble holding all of them waiting in line. The tall, dark, and not so handsome stranger offered help carrying them even though he had his arms full himself. I assured him that I could handle it. I almost didn't though because the girl gave me a ripped bag. When I got back to my dad, we sat under the tree and drank our Gatorades. I decided now was the time to break the news to him. "Dad, I think someone was murdered in my apartment." 

"You think that dark stuff on the carpet was blood?" He seemed oddly ok with this scenario.
"Yes and I think that the Sheriff did it." My father wisely did not reply to this remark and said that we should get back to work. Of course, being the protective father, and me the baby, he wouldn't let me carry more than one box up the stairs. He thought I was going to die, faint, or get heat exhaustion. It rained on and off and was dark before we were done.

After returning the UHaul, Dad talked the whole way about his new girlfriend in California... I was so exhausted by the time we got home I couldn't sleep. I was also on the verge of tears because Julius still hadn't come home from being missing from the previous night. I've lived in this apartment a week now, and I still think the full size washer, and dryer are completely worth the 160 extra a month.